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Caramel Pear Cinnamon Topping
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Greetings and welcome to the R&R Homestead Kitchen, creators of delectable, taste-tantalizing gourmet foods since 1981.  With over 25 years of homemade experience, we set and surpass the standard with gourmet ice cream toppings.

Our Original Hot Fudge Topping, the mainstay that brought taste buds to a new level, is simply the best tasting gourmet chocolate sauce on the market.  Great on ice cream and all desserts, most of our patrons prefer to eat it straight with a spoon!

Topping Basket

Not to be out done, our Caramelscotch is a fusion of both Caramel and Butterscotch, making it a treat du jour for any occasion.  Might we suggest dipping apple slices in this delight or perhaps adding it to your home-brewed coffee?

With our Bittersweet Mint we've heard many fine uses but the most appetizing for this minty explosion is frosting a freshly baked chocolate cake!  Bitingly delicious!

Our MochaCocoa-Cappuccino carries on the family tradition presenting itself as a masterful blend of Coffee and Chocolate, a temptation and combination that is simply irresistible!

The newest member of the family, our Caramel Pear Cinnamon has a tantalizing flavor of caramel and just a hint of pear and cinnamon.  It’s great on cheesecake, apple pie and of course good old ice cream – a must try!!!

If you find yourself in the Holiday Season, don't forget to order our scrumptious Old Fashioned Glazed Walnuts, a tried and true favorite!

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