The History of the R&R Homestead
Of course every good thing has a great beginning. Ours continues to this day. Read on and find out how the R&R Homestead Kitchen became and is becoming what it is today. Find out why we live by the motto of "Yesterday's Quality For Today's Taste". Read on and enjoy!

In the good old days...
Founder Ruth Roffers fondly remembers the good old days. The days when she would walk with her mother down to the corner ice cream parlor and gleefully order a grand old sundae with a heaping of chocolate topping surely to delight any child. She can recall the afternoons spent as a teenager, giggling over boys while tasting the satisfaction of having that same old delicious sundae just loaded with that real, homemade hot fudge topping. Surely, she'll never forget her first date, sharing that very same delight with her future husband Richard.

Ice Cream Parlor
1890's Ice Cream Parlor

It was the good old days of lore. The days that memories are made of and cherished forever. The days when any ice cream parlor offered a hot fudge sundae consisting of Quality, Taste, and Never Ending Comfort!

"Yesterday's Quality For Today's Taste"
Yearning to pass on those cherished memories in an age of fast-food and artificial chocolate, Ruth, along with her husband Richard, took it upon themselves to bring back yesterday's quality for today's taste. Thus the R&R Homestead Kitchen's motto and vision were brought beautifully to life.

With Ruth's natural aptitude around her old-fashion kitchen, combined with her years of hands-on experience (someone had to raise those five hungry children!), Ruth brought back the good old days of chocolate legend. In 1981, Ruth forged history with the birth of the R&R Homestead Original Hot Fudge Topping. A delectable dessert that has since gone on to win numerous awards and national recognition along with the hearts and taste buds of its many loyal patrons.

A cherished memory is reborn in R&R Homestead Toppings and Ruth's daughter Susan would love to share their moment of traditional, award winning pleasure with you.

Chocolate pleasure and more!
Upon the inevitable overnight success of Ruth's magical hot fudge topping, she felt compelled to create something more, perhaps something to compliment that childhood memory.

Faster than she could put down her ladle, Ruth was back to work in her beloved kitchen. Drawing upon her creative instinct, Ruth produced two more gourmet masterpieces. Upon completion, she smiled and craftily named her two new work of arts Bittersweet Mint and Caramelscotch Topping.

Satisfied for now, there's no telling what memories await future generations should Ruth venture back into that kitchen of creativity and, once again, take up that now legendary ladle.

Be sure to email Susan and let her know how you've come to craft your own masterful creations in the kitchen. She's always looking for more recipes to try out!

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